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Playing Online Roulette

Roulette is the world’s most famous casino floor game, played at land venues all over the planet – and it lends itself to online play perfectly. It’s the most visually-appealing table game and any number of players can join in the fun online whether they play via a live casino studio or using virtual, random-number generated games.

Live roulette is broadcast on the web using purpose-built studios that are mock-ups of rooms in land casinos. They use real, trained dealers who will spin the wheel, announce the result and usually chat with you via an input screen. You make bets by using a virtual betting grid, which sits at the bottom of the screen with the live casino studio feed above. 

Virtual roulette has now reached the point where it looks indistinguishable from the Real Thing. As with a live game, you choose your bets before spinning, except with these games it’s up to you when you spin the wheel. Virtual games are quicker and more convenient, and tend to be preferable if you’re playing on a mobile device. 

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Beginner’s Guide to Roulette

Roulette is the easiest table game to learn. You bet on the outcome of a ball being thrown in to the roulette wheel by placing chips onto a betting grid, and when the ball lands in one of the 37 or 38 slots on the wheel the outcome is determined and you’ll either win or lose. 

There are 36 numbers to bet on and the wheel has 36 numbers – 18 black and 18 red. The other one or two slots are coloured green and denoted 0 and/or 00. European tables have one 0 slot, whilst American tables have both 0 and 00. 

If you win a bet placed on a single number you’ll be paid at 35 to 1; bet on red or black correctly and you’ll get evens. In between these two extremes are lots of other options that let you bet on 12 numbers at a time, 3 at a time and various other wagers. 

The green slots are there to give the casino a slight edge, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to operate the games. You can, though, bet on the green slots as well. Live
Live roulette tables are either open or closed: When they’re open you can place bets; once the ball has been thrown into the spinning wheel the table will close until the ball has landed. 

Roulette Variations

The fundamental principle of a spinning wheel and 36 numbers never changes with roulette, though there are a few different variation on the same theme – particularly with the advent of web-based games.

European and French Roulette both use a single zero wheel, however with French games 50% of any any outside bets (low odds bets made on red or black, for example) are refunded if the ball lands in the green slot. 

American Roulette uses two zero slots instead of just one, which gives the house a higher edge. NEWAR Roulette lets you bet on red and even or black and odd, along with all the usual bets on offer.

Ante-based feature games like Marvel Roulette or Double Bonus Spin Roulette give you the option of paying a small ante when you make your bet. If the ball lands in a specially-designed additional slot then the feature is activated and you’ll get to play another game. 

There are also slot-based games from Novomatic that offer a standard European roulette wheel with extra higher odds bets based on the outcome of a single reel spin that uses symbols from a popular slot. These can pay up to 80 times stake and therefore offer the chance to make more than you would on a standard European table. 

Roulette software

All the major online gaming outfits make both live and virtual roulette games:

Playtech have the best and most varied set of virtual roulette games in the industry and their stock 3D Roulette game remains the industry standard. Their live games are beamed in from Latvia and use a traditional casino studio setup with both European and Asian dealers, and you can opt to take part in Playtech slot games between spins, set into a custom-built panel to keep you fully-entertained at all times. 

Microgaming’s Premier Series of virtual roulette games offer European, French and America variations, whilst their live games were revamped in 2010 and consequently look better than those of their peer group. They use a unique format that lets you play one-on-one or as one of up to 6 players with a poker-style allocated seating method. This lets you play in avatar form and you can watch how your fellow players bet, making it the most realistic live roulette game on the market. 

NetEnt are relatively new to the market but now offer live roulette in perhaps the most stylishly-decorated rooms  in the business, and they also offer stock European virtual games as well despite being known primarily for their slots. 

The best-known live roulette supplier is Evolution Gaming, who concentrate 100% on live, streamed casino games and they offer the famous Immersive Roulette which uses 7 different cameras and premium sound for the most high-end live games on the web.

Roulette Bonuses

All casinos like to give you the option to take a deposit bonus at the very least, with plenty more letting you have a no deposit bonus as well. 

However, roulette players are viewed by casinos as a different proposition to slots players when it comes to bonuses. 

All bonuses come with playthrough requirements – an amount expressed in terms of multiples of your bonus that you have to wager before you can withdraw your bonus or any associate winnings. For example, a 30 times bonus requirement on a £100 bonus would mean you need to wager £3,000. 

This can be a problem with roulette as some players will simply set up two accounts, make repeated bets on red and black at the same time and meet the wagering requirements with virtually no risk to themselves almost instantly. They can then withdraw the bonus, thereby committing what’s known as Bonus Abuse, i.e., accepting the bonus with the intention of withdrawing it rather than wagering it.

To avoid unscrupulous players taking advantage like this casinos use game weightings, that mean only a set percentage of each roulette wager counts towards meeting wagering requirements. It’s usually around 10%, with some evens and low odds bets not counting at all. It’s therefore important to check the detail of a casino bonus when you intend to play roulette, and preferably take a specialist roulette, table game or live casino bonus. 

Live Dealer Roulette

The best way to replicate the feel of a true live casino online is to play live dealer roulette. It’s the most visually-impressive of all the table games and consequently translates well to the small screen, and unlike games like Blackjack and Hold ‘Em there’s no need for the dealer to deal separate sets of cards for each player so an unlimited number of players can join in the fun. 

Taking part is easy: You just select a table with a game format and betting limits that suit you, click on it to open it up and then wait until the table is open for bets. You’ll find there’s a virtual betting grid that you can place chips on just as you would in a real casino. Then the wheel is spun and the ball dropped into it and the slots it lands in will determine your result just as it would in a regular casino. 

You can usually chat with your dealer via a small text input screen, and your bankroll will remain unaffected if you experience any connectivity issues. It’s now possible to join in live roulette session on mobile devices, so the sky really is the limit.

Roulette Strategies

Like any casino game played against the house, roulette comes with a house edge that can’t be beaten. If it could, everyone would take advantage and bankrupt the casino. However, you can still use strategies to great effect by using them to help you play in accordance with your preferred risk/reward profile. 

Progressive strategies like the Martingale system work using a simple ‘double or quits’ method that requires you to double up every time you suffer a loss, on the grounds that your bad luck can’t last forever. This can prove expensive and risky, though, and there are other methods that require you to bet more when you lose without you risking quite as much. 

Regressive strategies work the other way round: You reign in your betting when things aren’t going so well, to minimise risk. 

There are also strategies that let you bet on specific groups of numbers like the James Bond method. These will enable to you cover large amounts of the number on the betting grid at minimal cost by placing chips on the lines and intersections separating adjacent squares. 

Roulette Tournaments

Online casino tournaments let you pit yourself against your fellow players rather than the casino itself. Unlike slot and Blackjack tournaments you won’t find an excessive number of online roulette tournaments. This is because they only really work on live casino tables and any tables used need to be taken out of circulation whilst a tournament takes place.

There are two ways to measure players against one another in a tournament: 

Firstly you can simply looks at how much each player spends. This is a simple way of deciding who wins and simply rewards the high roller players. It can be fun watching high rollers compete for a top prize – there are always leaderboards that are kept updated so you can tell what’s happening. 

More interesting, though is when players are assessed on the amount they win relative to what they wagered. This is much truer test of skill and judgement, and measures how well players are able to execute strategies.

Roulette Promotions

For casino sites that have more slots than table games – which given the variety of slots on the market is most of them – it’s not always easy to find roulette promotions. But they are around if you’re prepared to look for them, which we do – saving you the time and trouble of having to find them yourself.

Some roulette offers reward you by giving you prize draw tickets every time you deposit and wager a certain amount. These are the most popular type of promotion by a long way and you can usually earn an unlimited number of tickets. Rewards can be impressive, with five-figure prize funds not unheard of. 

Other roulette promotions focus on the game itself. A classic example is 888Casino’s daily offer in its Salle Privee, which pays you an £8 prize when the ball lands in the ‘8’ slot if you have a qualifying bet between 8 and 9pm. 

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