Betfair Bullseye Roulette Review

Betfair Bullseye Roulette Review      

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  • £300 standard bonus, with more for high rollers
  • In-play betting permitted using unique four round elimination system
  • Exchange bets offered with automatic odds adjustment
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Betfair Bullseye Roulette Review


Betfair’s Bullseye Roulette game is like nothing else on the market, with two elements that separate it from ordinary roulette:

Firstly, it’s not a single spin game: Regular roulette is played one round at a time, with bets made before each spin and the table cleared afterwards once any winnings have been paid out. Bullseye Roulette, however, works very differently, with 18 balls thrown into the wheel over 4 betting rounds, whittling down the potential winning numbers until there is just one left standing.

In addition to the 4 round in-play betting structure, Betfair’s unique exchange bets are offered as well, giving you the chance to become bookmaker rather than bettor. This is something that’s offered on dozens of games at Betfair and isn’t unique to Bullseye Roulette – but it adds to the fun considerably.


This game uses custom-built software that you won’t see anywhere else, as it’s an idea unique to Betfair. Visuals are sharp, precise and workmanlike, with the roulette wheel itself only taking up a small portion of the screen in order to allow the required data to be displayed.  

You’re shown a standard betting table grid or a more formal-looking list of bets in tablular form. Once you’ve made your selection, the bet details will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen where you can then decide how much you want to bet at the quoted odds. 

As you enter an amount to bet, you’ll see figures appear in a profit and loss table to the left of the game, showing the amount you can expect to make or lose for each possible end number scenario. This enables you to select an overall set of bets over all 4 rounds that suits your risk/reward profile.


Many bookmakers offer in-play betting, where odds are adjusted as play progresses. For example, if you’re betting evens on a football match and one team suddenly starts to dominate, then the odds on the losing team will become higher as the match progresses. 

Bullseye Roulette works in a similar way: As with the regular game, a single number will ultimately be selected - but it’s determined via a 4-stage elimination process instead, eliminating some numbers in each round, whilst making other numbers more likely to be the ultimate outcome. 

In the first round, 8 balls are dropped in to the spinning, virtual, wheel. The two neighbouring slots that each ball lands in change their numbers to the same number and colour as the slots that the ball landed in, so for example if one of the balls lands in the 32 red slot, then the 26 and 15 black slots become 32 red also.

The second round sees the same process applied, but with 5 balls rather than 8, and new odds will be offered on the numbers left. You can bet using the standard roulette betting grid - from which any eliminated numbers will be removed – or using Betfair’s Exchange Betting tables, which will show the bets in tabular form.

In the third round, 3 balls are dropped. By now, you’ll notice that many of the slots are taken up by large segments containing the same number and colour on each slot. This is for 2 reasons: Firstly, segments count as a single slot when neighbouring slots are converted; secondly, if a slot on the end of a segment changes, then all slots in that segment take on the colour and number of the changed slot. That means that mathematically speaking, the game will always result in a single number after 4 rounds. Try it, and all will become clear.

The fourth round sees just 3 balls dropped, and the final number is revealed.

Your betting options follow the standard roulette system, whereby you can bet on a single number, rows, columns, red or black, odds or evens etc. These are adjusted automatically as play progresses and you can alter your betting position to hedge or expose your position as you move through the rounds. For example, you may start off by betting on the final number being black. If, however, by the end of the 3rd round there are only 6 black slots left, you may decide to bet on red, to give yourself a decent chance of recouping some the loss you’re expected to make. 
To spice things up even more, throughout proceedings you’ll be offered the chance to make Back or Lay bets. In common with other casino games as well as Betfair’s sports betting service you can opt to bet for or against any possible given outcome. 

Back bets mean you’re backing the bet, i.e., playing as you normally would – however, Lay bets are the opposite, i.e., you’re betting against the given outcome. This effectively makes you the bookmaker, and you’ll receive bets from other players with a probability that you may have to fork out if they win.

It’s complex stuff, but if you play the game first it’ll quickly start to make sense. We’d suggest avoiding Lay bets until you’ve got used to the 4-round betting structure, though.

Customer Service

Betfair’s customers tend to be experienced, competent players and as a whole don’t need endless customer support. However, however there is a gigantic FAQ section which should answer virtually any query you can think of. Given that this is the world’s largest and most sophisticated mainstream betting site you’ll find answers to just about any question you can think of, as well as quite a few that you wouldn’t. 

If you can’t find your answer there’s an email form with a 48 hour maximum estimated turnaround time


Every serious gamer on the planet knows about Betfair: This site is spoken of in revered tones by anyone who knows their stuff, and although it does offer a full set of table and slot games, large parts of the site resemble City trading room screens rather than online casino games. The players that come here expect the best, so good payout speeds are taken as a given, and the site itself operates with unparalleled levels of efficiency.

Introductory Offer

Betfair's standard introductory bonus is 200%, worth up to £300

Our Verdict

Until the development of this game, in-play betting was strictly the preserve of sports fans and Blackjack players - but it works brilliantly with roulette as well. This is fascinating, challenging fun for serious punters and those who want to really stretch themselves with their gaming. 

It’s also a great introduction to exchange betting for those that aren’t familiar with the idea, so if you fancy playing bookmaker you can ease yourself into the role nice and gently with this game. Don’t try and figure out the rules too carefully: Just get going with some small bets and it’ll all fall into place.

Bonus Details

Betfair will give standard deposits (£35 - £499) a 200% bonus worth up to £300; deposits of £500 - £999 will get 100% up to £500, whilst deposits in excess of £1,000 will receive a 100% bonus up to £1,000.

Terms & Conditions

Standard game weightings mean that Roulette games contribute 20% towards meeting any advertised playthrough requirements. Other key terms and conditions are as follows
  1. To claim your bonuses you must click 'accept' in the pop up that will appear when you login to the Download Casino or open a game in the Instant Play Casino after triggering a bonus by making a real money transfer to the Casino. 
  2. If you choose to accept a bonus, a sum equivalent to twenty (20) times the total of (i) the bonus amount and (ii) deposited sum (to the extent that it is matched by the bonus) must be wagered on Eligible Games within seven (7) days of accepting the bonus. For example, a first transfer of £150 would be matched with a £100 bonus for a total of £200 with a wagering requirement (£100 bonus and the £100 of your deposit that was matched) of 20 times, so £4,000. 
  3. While the wagering requirements of the bonus are being met, all winnings (on all games, not just eligible games) and/or further deposits will be first used to first top up the bonus balance to its value when awarded; second, used to top up the cash balance to its value when the bonus was applied, and then third, accrued as 'pending winnings'

Cashier Detail


Deposits can be made with credit or debit card, e-wallet, pre-paid cards, PayPal, Western Union or direct bank transfer


Withdrawals can be made by cheque, bank transfer, e-wallet, PayPal or WebMoney

Credit Cards Accepted

Visa, Mastercard

Debit Cards Accepted


Currencies accepted

Betfair take payment and let you play in sterling only.

Parent company

Betfair Casino Ltd is licenced by the Lotteries and Gaming Commission of Malta.

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